a classical shoot 'em up game

Dogfight - an Amazing Fighter of the Sky

Dogfight is a classic
shoot 'em up arcade action game. The game supports English, Czech and Korean user interface languages. But, as you know, the most important is the language independent ACTION.

Game Bonuses

Sometimes, when the enemy is knocked down, a bonus might be dropped at the place of the exploding enemy:

  • red cross - health bonus
  • blue cross - shields bonus
  • several levels of the fire cadency power ups
  • rockets

You attack enemies - airplanes, helicopters, rockets. Destroy all of them!

Campaign Levels

  • Level one - Welcome, Greenhorn!
    The first level is just an introduction to the game. Several enemy airplanes and you are done. 

  • Level two - Check it out!
    In the next stage you should prove you are the real pilot.

    Level tree - Getting Tough

  • Are you able to clean this chapter for 100%? Airplanes, helicopters, rockets - all of them in numbers but no one is your friend. 

   Are you able to clean all chapters for 100%? 

Fly for Fun - Kids Mode

A special game mode for kids is also included. No violence, no missiles, no fires... Just nice handy painted airplanes flying over different rich sceneries, where kids can touch other airplanes and collect gold coins.